Recovering and Avoiding Ransomware

As you know, based on most market assessments, one of the top concerns for most C suite is Security. Ransomware is not just a matter of “If” anymore – it’s when. And it just makes sense to be proactive and make sure the proper measures are taken to avoid being in a situation where your business is hold at a digital gunpoint. At Tierpoint, we have several technologies that can help prevent and mitigate ransomware. We will be talking about what we do to address the security concerns.

Hear from the expert

Ash started his career in the manufacturing industry, as a Network Administrator for the plant and was soon the IT admin handling all 6 locations across the country. As a technologist, he continued to expand his roles and progressed to lead Network Security & Firewall engineer at Hitchi HTA for all their N American locations while also accumulating various networking and security certifications. He went on to work with Lawson Products as their Lead IT architect, handling their IT and reporting directly to the VP where his fire for solving business problems with technology to drive business outcomes continued to grow.

He took this passion of his to the next level when he joined Sungard Availability Services where he worked just over 7.5 years as a Sr Solutions Engineer leveraging their entire portfolio of products and services. Just prior to joining TierPoint he was also with Kyndryl,  first as an Associate Partner and later as an Assoc Director of Cloud Transformation (Manufacturing, Consumer & Energy -West market) focused on being their transformation advisor.

Ash is a true technologist at heart, as evident by his Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Engineering and also evident in his continued learning with certifications around DRaaS and Cloud technologies. He loves tackling business problems and delivering on business outcomes by applying his experience and ability to first listen to what the business requires and what needs they have, rather than focus on what we have to sell

Tierpoint Open House Webinar
11am - 12pm
May 26th