Our Competitive Strategy

Our Competitive Strategy

Developing and maintaining outstanding customer relationships will be critical to deliver our competitive advantages and dispel the myths that smaller resellers and integrators cannot compete with giant channel partners.

Consider these myths and realities of the IT resell/integrator world:

Myth #1 – Small IT resellers and integrators do not have the same buying power or price advantages as giant Channel partners. 

Reality = Most manufacturers offer a price-protected registration to the first partner to engage on an opportunity. Staying ahead of customer needs and acting as a trusted consultant is key to obtaining the best pricing from the manufacturer. NobleTec employees will stay vigilant to be engaged with all our customers present and future needs. 


Myth #2 – Small IT resellers and integrators do not enjoy the same deep manufacturer relationships.

Reality= Small resellers and integrators often enjoy the best manufacturer relationships! Many small partners maintain “open door” policies with respect to their manufacturer partners. We provide open access for manufacturers to visit and share new products and sales strategies. By comparison, giant channel partners charge large fees for the privilege of visitation rights. Large marketing departments justify their overhead by extracting these fees and limiting the time and nature of visitation. It is a pay to play the game. The manufacturer that pays the most is rewarded by the most access to salespeople and customers. Customer needs are secondary to the financial benefits of the pay to play the game. NobleTec will always put the customer first while maintaining an open-door policy to encourage constant manufacturer engagement. 

Depending on the company volume of sales, manufacturers will often assign in-house “Product Champions” to sit with salespeople. Relationships between these Product Champions and salespeople are formed, often superseding the actual needs of the customer.  At NobleTec, we want the constant manufacturer visitation and information sharing, but, instead of having a Product Champion sitting next to our employees every day, we will ask that these funds be used toward promotions that will benefit both our customers and employees. 


Myth #3– Small IT resellers and integrators do not have the same technical commitment as giant channel partners.

Reality= On every technical project, your results are only as good as the team of individuals assigned. What difference does it make if a company has 20 CCIEs if they assign their weakest technical person to your account and you only receive the strong technical team member AFTER the weak member fails? Of course, giant channel partners primarily assign their best technical team members to Fortune 100 accounts. At NobleTec, the Small to Medium Business (SMB) customers are our market. We hired and partnered with the best technical resources to be assigned to these accounts. Our customer benefits by receiving the best technical response from the start of the project. 

At NobleTec, less red tape, middle management reviews, and approvals will also translate to quicker SOWs delivered with greater detail. When customers share their projects and ask for advice it should not take weeks to deliver a strong technical response with optimal solutions. 

To summarize, each member of the executive team at NobleTec LLC has worked at both small companies and at giant IT channel partners. Through these experiences, we realized that when it comes to best pricing and customer service, lean, aggressive, best of breed approaches always beat the bloated layers of middle management competition. Staying lean and customer-oriented will be the key to our success at NobleTec as we challenge the competition moving forward.