NobleTec Open House Webinar

Join us for our NobleTec webinar, where we will discuss our Microsoft CSP offerings and our Managed Services capabilities.

Microsoft CSP- NobleTec will demonstrate our administrative license portal. We will discuss cost effective, sustainable pricing strategies and help-desk support.

Managed Services-  NobleTec will discuss how our NOC Team actively monitors the infrastructure and patches software. Ticketing systems, remote access software and security and reporting will also be addressed.

This webinar will be beneficial to any customer that purchases Microsoft licenses or is considering moving an IT product/software to a Managed Service arrangement.

Hear from the expert

Vlad Nikorich – VP Operations, Services and Technology at NobleTec – 20+ years of IT industry experience, built Microsoft and Services division at NobleTec.

NobleTec Open House Webinar
4pm - 5pm
May 26th