Lawrence Troemel

35 Years IT Sales and Services Experience.
Experienced Entrepreneur in starting and merging IT companies.
Numerous Sales and Management certifications from APPLE to Dale Carnagie.
Travelled to over 20 universities in North America to promote book “Timeless Strategies for the Successful Entrepreneur” and inspire students to start their own business.
  • Experience :
    35 Years IT Sales and Services Experience.
  • Address :
    418 Eisenhower Ln N, Lombard, IL 60148

About Me

For 35 years I have been blessed to sell IT products and services in the greatest country in the history of mankind. Thru hard work and truly listening to customers needs I have been privileged to sell to a wide variety of companies from all verticals and sizes. I have also been blessed to work with soo many great salespeople and loyal customers.  In my opinion ,good sales people should be allowed to sell to many different verticals. At NobleTec, myself and the managing partners will put the interests of the employees and customers first in every decision we make including a very liberal ability to sell to a variety of customers.

Please feel free to give me feedback on our website and what your expectations are for NobleTec as your vendor.

A most sincere thank you for choosing NobleTec.

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  • Monday - Friday :8.00 - 5.00

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